UN Development Programme (UNDP)

Level: Beginner

The United Nations Development Program is focused on promoting development around the world. UNDP works in some 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. 

They help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.


  1. Increasing access to electricity in light of global inequality and climate change
  2. The question of UNDP strategy with regards to partnerships with the private sector

The Committee's Study Guide can be found here.

This Committee's Rules of Procedure will be released soon ahead of our Position Paper due date for delegates.

Email address for Committee Directors - cuimun.xxv.undp@gmail.com

 Gyubin Hwang


Gyubin Hwang

20, Korean

Occupation: Natural Sciences student at University College London

MUN Experience: He has been a part of 20 odd conferences in various capacities over the past 5 years, and he remains confident that there are many more to come in the future.

Hobbies: In his free time, he enjoys weightlifting, tennis, reading, niche memes across various fields, and video games.

Fun Fact: When challenged (and sufficiently inebriated), Gyubin can down a pint in 4 seconds flat (Editor’s note: this is heroic)

 Vanessa Lock

Assistant Director

Vanessa Lock

20, Chinese

Occupation: International Public Policy student at the London School of Economics

MUN Experience: Enough

Hobbies: During her free time, she enjoys doing voluntary work and looking through Subtle Asian Trait memes.

Fun Fact: Her surname actually translates into ‘Camel’ in Chinese!

 Annie Hartley

Assistant Director

Annie Hartley

20, British with Indian (Zoroastrian) heritage

Occupation: History & Politics student at the University of Warwick

MUN Experience: Annie Ghandhi Hartley was introduced to the world of MUN at Trinity College Dublin with an internal crisis simulation. At Warwick she has participated on the UK and international circuit as everything from delegate to cabinet director, chair, WoMUN admin and is this year’s secretary general for WarMUN 2019.

Hobbies: Annie works part-time in a Michelin starred restaurant and in her spare time enjoys the odd black tie gala or religiously following her head of history’s (Prof. Rebecca Earle) weekly potato quotes.

Fun Fact: Annie was in fact born in Cambridge and raised in a nearby village before moving to London so is delighted to staff at CUIMUN this year and looks forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones.