International Court of Justice

Level: Intermediate

The International Court of Justice sometimes called the World Court, is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. The ICJ's primary functions are to settle international legal disputes submitted by states and give advisory opinions on legal issues referred to it by the UN.

All UN member states are entitled to representation in this committee, which will be catered towards delegates with intermediate experience.


  1. Nicaragua v. the United States of America, 1984

The Committee's Study Guide can be found here.

The Committee's Rules of Procedure will be released soon ahead of our Position Paper due date for delegates.

Email address for Committee Presidents -

 Saskia Millmann


Saskia Millmann

27, German

Occupation: International Law PhD student at the University of Glasgow

MUN Experience: Saskia has been passionate about MUN since she first participated in a High School MUN in 2010 and participated in over 50 conferences by now.

Hobbies: Saskia works on an interdisciplinary project analysing how non-member states can engage with an international organisation from a historical perspective. Previously, she graduated with an LLM in International Law from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Jewish History from the University of Munich. For her undergraduate studies, she read both Law and History and has since laid a focus on Public International Law and Jewish History.

Fun Fact: She particularly enjoys ICJ simulations but is also active within Crisis. CUIMUN 2019 will be her sixth time chairing the ICJ, and she looks forward to having the chance to chair this exciting committee again.

 Jason Dougenis

Vice President

Jason Dougenis

22, Greek

Occupation: Geopolitics Masters graduate from the University of Sussex

MUN Experience: Jason’s first MUN was in Athens more than six years ago, however he only restarted in the fall of 2018 with Warwick MUN. In one amazing year, MUN conferences had Jason travelling from York to Madrid and London to Zurich, all possible through the friends he made in conferences and their amazing hospitality. He is also proud and grateful to have been part of the secretariat for SUSSEXMUN 2019. For Jason, an MUN conference is a place where, through the tense debates and the hectic socials, one rediscovers themselves in new ways.

Hobbies: Jason loves basketball and can usually be found at the local court picking up games with strangers that soon become friends. In typical geeky fashion, he also loves playing strategy games, the more complicated, the better.

Fun Fact: Jason wrote his Masters dissertation in a single coffee and takeaway fuelled twenty-hour non-stop binge. Its yet to be seen how the markers will appreciate it.

 Witold Marynowski

Vice President

Witold Marynowski

18, Polish

Occupation: Law student at King's College London

MUN Experience: Witold is a high school graduate student from Warsaw, Poland, who was born in 2000. Having completed an Introduction to Law course in Oxford, he continued to work on his interest in international legislation within numerous MUNs, mostly focusing on court and legal committees such as the ICJ, ICC, ECJ or UNGA 6th. After receiving the best delegate award for each of his performances, he moved on to chair through both high school and university conferences.

Hobbies: As an IB senior, he shall become a first-year Law student at King’s College London this year, possibly reconciling it with his passion towards theatre.

Fun Fact: Witold is sure that this year’s CUIMUN will be a great opportunity for the attendees to broaden both their understanding of international law, and one’s MUN-themed pick-up lines collection.