Mitigating the effects of unprecedented challenges posed to CUIMUN in its 26th year

The uncertainty posed by the United Kingdom’s protracted exit from the European Union, compounded by the recent Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, pose challenges to the British MUN circuit like none that have ever been faced before. However, we seek to assure you that suitable precautionary measures are being put in place by the CUIMUN XXVI Secretariat in order to ensure that this year’s conference goes ahead as planned.


Our Expectations

We cannot know for certain what will happen in the future, but we as the CUIMUN Secretariat are doing everything within our powers to minimise the potential effects of Covid-19 on the conference.

At present, the University of Cambridge intends to have fully reopened and resumed normal teaching and research operations by no later than 1st October. As such, at present we are planning for the conference to go ahead as per usual.

Recent media attention has focused on the University of Cambridge's decision to run lectures online in the coming academic year. As far as we are aware, this decision has been made in order to allow smaller group teaching to occur in lecture theatres, thus meeting social distancing guidelines. Students are expecting to return to Cambridge as normal this Autumn.

The UK is currently in the process of easing restrictions, and is advising people to remain alert and limit contact with other people, while some non-essential shops are reopening.

What we're doing for you

We understand that there has been massive disruption to travel, which could pose a problem to those travelling to the conference, both from the UK and internationally, if this disruption were to continue. Therefore, we plan to extend the delegate application deadline later so that delegates can apply for the conference once the current situation, we hope, has been somewhat resolved.

For those considering applying as a chair but concerned by the early deadline, we will do our utmost to ensure that the deadline for payment of chairing fees is as late as possible, so that by the time chairing fees must be paid we will all have a clearer picture of what the world will look like come November.

We are monitoring government and university guidance closely, and constantly reviewing how we can best organise the conference with the least possible disruption for delegates and chairs. We will continue to update this page as the situation develops.

There will be some differences between this year's CUIMUN, and previous conferences. It may not be possible for us to run social events. Committees may be smaller than usual, in order to ensure a safe distance between delegates is maintained during committee time. Opening and closing ceremonies may take a different format to usual, such as being shown as a livestream in committee rooms. Despite these challenges, we are committed to offering a conference of the same standard as you are used to. We want CUIMUN to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all our participants.

What you must do in order to ensure the safety of everyone attending CUIMUN

Make an informed decision about whether you should attend the conference. While we will endeavor to do everything we can to protect those at CUIMUN, if you are for any reason more vulnerable to COVID 19, for example because you have a medical condition that increases your risk, please carefully consider the risks associated with travelling and attending the conference.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, if you develop any symptoms associated with COVID 19, do not attend the conference.

In the unlikely event that you develop symptoms of COVID 19 during the conference, rest assured that we will have procedures in place to assist you and will be on hand to advise you. Remain in your hotel room, and contact the CUIMUN Secretariat with the email address or phone number provided at the beginning of the conference.

It is possible that guidelines will change between now and November. If current recommendations are still in place, we will expect the following: During the conference, ensure you remain at least two metres away from all other participants. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly. Do not share any equipment. Do not pass notes. Bring a large water bottle with you, as communal water jugs will not be provided. Follow instructions including queueing safely to enter and exit committee rooms.


We are confident the effects of Brexit will not hinder the travel of the many chairs and delegates we are proud to welcome to Cambridge every year, who travel to CUIMUN from outside the UK. Under the UK’s European Union Withdrawal Agreement, the transition period (during which time no substantive changes to EU laws and policies shall be enacted within the UK, nor at border crossings) is set to continue until at least 31st December 2020. This means that any attendees originating or passing through the EU en route to Cambridge shall encounter the same ease of travel to the UK as per previous years. You should anticipate there being no changes to border and visa regulations with respect to those of 2019 (and before).

If any of this information changes, we will update our advice to you as soon as possible.


Please don't hesitate to contact us by email if there's anything we can help you with.

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