World Health Organisation (WHO)

Topics and details for CUIMUN XXV will be released at a later date. The following reflects information from CUIMUN XXIV: 

Level: Intermediate

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its primary role is to coordinate cooperation of member states regarding international health issue. The WHO will be a large beginner-friendly committee.


  1. An international legal framework for the protection of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and international eHealth data sharing
  2. Building an international framework for the elimination of medical black markets

Delegates: Send your position papers by October 26 to

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 Maria Slobodina


Maria Slobodina

20, "British in the streets, Russian in the sheets"

Occupation: 3rd year Neuroscience Student at UCL. UCLMUN Soc President 2018/2019

MUN Experience: Mostly Crisis with a touch of WHO and ICJ

Hobbies: Graphic design is my passion. Also reading and cooking. I smile at everyone.

Fun Fact: Natalie, Ashvini and I are starting a girl band

 Ayush Dhall

Assistant Director

Ayush Dhall

19, "Indian at heart, mind and soul"

Occupation: Studying at SciencesPo Paris, Campus du Havre, Batch of 2020

MUN Experience: Anything and Everything, and at times, nothing at all

Hobbies: Debating, listening to music, eating, sleeping, and procrastinating with deadlines

Fun Fact: Even though I have lived in France, I do not like baguettes

 Tamanna Tasneem Krity

Assistant Director

Tamanna Tasneem Krity

24, Bangladeshi

Occupation: I have completed my Masters from the University of Dhaka in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

MUN Experience: I believe in the quote of William James: “Believe life is worth living for and your belief will help create the fact.” Debating and MUNing run in my blood. I have been involved in public speaking for the past 15 years and I have many MUN experiences, regularly chairing at home and abroad. I have served as International Chair in the Asia Pacific Model United Nations 2016 and was also selected as the first Bangladeshi chair in LIMUN 2017, West London MUN 2017 and PIMUN 2017. I was also an International Executive board member in BUGMUN, NSUIMUN, IIITHMUN-Hyderabad, IIITGMUN-Guwahati, BitsMUN-Pilani, BitsMUN Goa, MUMbai MUN, MILMUN and others.

Hobbies: I am not only a book worm, but also a movie freak, poetry enthusiast and a keen traveler. I love to dive into new challenges and believe I can set new positive examples

Fun Fact: I have won awards in many international and national art competitions as a painter