UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)

Topics and details for CUIMUN XXV will be released at a later date. The following reflects information from CUIMUN XXIV: 

Level: Beginner

UN Women is an entity of the United Nations dedicated to the empowerment of women and promotion of gender equality across member states. It works to set global standards of gender rights, ensuring that governments implement effective and truly beneficial changes.

  1. Ensuring gender equality and justice against gender violence in post-conflict zones
  2. The role of UN Women in the #MeToo movement and combating sexual harassment and violence against women

Delegates: Send your position papers by October 26 to cuimun.xxiv.unwomen@gmail.com

Study Guide

 Hamzah Sheikh


Hamzah Sheikh

23, British

Occupation: Disability Support, NCS Senior Mentor

MUN Experience: Directed 8 Crisis Committees, recently CUIMUN 2017 and LIMUN 2018.

Hobbies: Labour Party member, reader of political philosophy and music history, wannabe guitarist.

Fun Fact: This is my first time chairing a committee that's not a Crisis. You'd think after 31 conferences

 Eve Bradley

Assistant Director

Eve Bradley

Age: "Isn’t that a bit of a bold question, this early on?", American-British. Think Hannah Montana’s “The Best of Both Worlds”, but instead of a rock star versus a normal teen, it’s British culture versus saying y’all every other word.

Occupation: Third-year International Relations student at the University of Exeter

MUN Experience: A lot.

Hobbies: Hosting too many house parties. Reading. Trying to cook, but ending up setting the fire alarm off

Fun Fact: I once hugged Michelle Obama and it’s the single best moment of my life

 Hanna Sokolska

Assistant Director

Hanna Sokolska

20, Polish (but not stealing your jobs and/or cars)

Occupation: Studying Law, Philosophy and Politics at the University of Warsaw

MUN Experience: Started in the late 2014, promised to quit way too many times

Hobbies: Discussing contemporary culture and poetry whilst drinking questionably cheap wine

Fun Fact: Most of my friends call me a tiger and not only because I can sleep for 17 hours straight