Security Council (UNSC)

Level: Advanced

The Security Council (UNSC) is the most powerful decision-making body of the UN. With fifteen members (five of them permanent, and ten of them non-permanent), the Security Council has for instance the power to authorise military intervention and international sanctions. The Security Council is a small committee for experienced delegates.


  1. Reviewing existing policies to ensure UN member state accountability and integrity
  2. The situation in the Gaza Strip
 Gonzalo Cervera


Gonzalo Cervera

19, Peruvian

Occupation: Final-year Economics student at the University of Manchester

MUN Experience: Been doing MUN across Europe and South America for almost three years now. This will be my 20th conference

Hobbies: Huge fan of music and philosophy freak

Fun Fact: I was tricked into attending my first MUN conference.

 Muqaddam Malik


Muqaddam Malik

22, Kenyan

Occupation: Graduate Student at LSE, Trade Policy Advisor to KNCCI

MUN Experience: 30+ Conferences, 9+ Years, 18 Cities

Hobbies: Football, Art, Jazz and Travels

Fun Fact: I’m a walking advertisement for East Africa