Historical Security Council

Topics and details for CUIMUN XXV will be released at a later date. The following reflects information from CUIMUN XXIV: 

Level: Intermediate

On 25 April 1945, delegations representing 50 Allied Nations convened in San Francisco, United States of America to draft a charter creating an international body more effective than the League of Nations. During the conference, delegates participated in heated debates on diverse topics, from the Economic and Social Council to the prevention of use of force, to the Security Council, and to the Trusteeship System. CUIMUN XXIV will give delegates the opportunity to re-build the biggest and most influential intergovernmental organization in the world: the United Nations. Delegates in this committee will be taking part in a historical simulation, but not in the format of a Crisis Committee.


  1. The composition and competencies of the Security Council
  2. The role and authority of an International Trusteeship organ

Delegates: Send your position papers by October 26 to cuimun.xxiv.sanfran@gmail.com

Study Guide

 Isabelle Heinemann


Isabelle Heinemann

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 Niels Boender

Assistant Director

Niels Boender

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 Philippe Lefevre

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Philippe Lefevre

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MUN Experience: Unhealthy

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