Global Health Cluster

Level: Advanced/Intermediate

The Global Health Cluster is a specialised network of partners of the United Nations that discusses important health issues. Through the collaboration of partners such as UN agencies, international organisations, NGOs, national authorities, affected communities, and academic and training institutes, this body helps provide faster responses to worldwide health emergencies and provide strategic solutions to problems that affect the health of millions of individuals across the globe. This will be an Advanced-level committee, which will also operate within a summit with the World Health Organisation.

 Arkan Diptyo


Arkan Diptyo

"Age: Guess (hint: talking to me will give you nostalgic Cold War radio vibes #NonAlignment)", Born and raised Indonesian, add a Brussels EU flair

Occupation: Last year econs, Model EU Dir. Gen. - desperately seeking internships, makes bagels to survive

MUN Experience: Brainwashed deep into crisis and Model EU this past year

Hobbies: Getting lost around the continent, sleeping wherever with my headset banging random indie or vintage YouTube “videos you might like”. Plus a local cheap hangover food on my hand (viva Langos, Burek, and Kapsalon!)

Fun Fact: I have slept in and with questionable people/places. But hey, in 40 countries already!

 Aggelina Tsilimpari

Assistant Director

Aggelina Tsilimpari

20, Greek

Occupation: Third Year BA Education studies in UCL, part-time events photographer and USG Seating of LIMUN:HS

MUN Experience: Long story of seven years into short- from Delegate to Judge, to Chair and Director, to Backroom and Training officer of UCL society finally reached the Secretariat

Hobbies: Modern day wanderer/ traveller and photographer with a slight touch of Arts and Gym addictions

Fun Fact: I do gymnastics and pole dancing

 Malte Christoph Tobias Westphal

Assistant Director

Malte Christoph Tobias Westphal

"Old enough to quit", German/European

Occupation: The only Computer Science Student in any given committee

MUN Experience: Done pretty much everything at least once from delegate in DISEC to Secretary General (except Press Director)

Hobbies: MUN can’t be everything, so I also do debating!

Fun Fact: I did MUN in 11 countries and only had to run for cover once!