Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN)

Topics and details for CUIMUN XXV will be released at a later date. The following reflects information from CUIMUN XXIV: 

Level: Intermediate

The Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN) is the second committee of the United Nations General Assembly. The committee was established with the rest of the General Assembly in 1945. Primarily, the committee aims to address issues related to economic growth and development with specific regard to macroeconomic policy questions, financing for development and globalisation and international trade.


  1. Corporate accountability in developing countries
  2. Tracking and combatting the international finance of terrorism

Delegates: Send your position papers by October 26 to

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 Prashant Garg


Prashant Garg

21, "Imagine there's no countries..."

Occupation: Being a llama specialising at economics

MUN Experience: Define experience

Hobbies: Having the goal to try all the drinks available at library coffee shop, writing a poem inspired by each one of them

Fun Fact: I like fashion

 Thomas Ron

Assistant Director

Thomas Ron

24, American, French, Israeli, Palestinian and British

Occupation: 2nd year of a PhD in Politics at the University of York

MUN Experience: CUIMUN will be my 52nd conference. I have done everything from being a delegate to being Secretary General of a conference, though I mostly do Crisis

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, walking, strolling, looking at the stars, watching late-night comedy shows, Warhammer

Fun Fact: I actually live in Cambridge

 Joanna Veimou

Assistant Director

Joanna Veimou

20, Greek

Occupation: Third year Law student at the University of Kent

MUN Experience: Last count after the last MUN drama story I created

Hobbies: Netflix shopping and writing

Fun Fact: I own over 60 pairs of shoes. Last year I missed at least 2 conferences because of an illness, widely known as “the plague”