Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

Topics and details for CUIMUN XXV will be released at a later date. The following reflects information from CUIMUN XXIV: 

Level: Intermediate

The Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC) is the First Committee of the General Assembly which is concerned with matters relating to global security. As its name suggests, DISEC has one of the broadest mandates of any of the General Assembly’s six committees.


  1. The use of cyber-attacks against democratic institutions
  2. The implications of fully autonomous deadly robots

Delegates: Send your position papers by October 26 to cuimun.xxiv.disec@gmail.com

Study Guide

 Alfie Jenkins


Alfie Jenkins

23, British

Occupation: Finished my undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Reading, now currently interning at UNA-UK. Also deciding where to do my Master’s degree

MUN Experience: 40 conferences in 5 ½ years. Have chaired over 20 times and am the current Secretary-General of LIMUN: High School. Have been to conferences in the UK, Latvia, Belgium, Germany, France and Dubai. I also do a mixture of crisis and GA committees, therefore making me a pretty well balanced individual

Hobbies: Video games, gym and enjoying a beer or glass of wine to Rick and Morty. I also did karate for 8 years

Fun Fact: I don’t drink coffee or tea, which I don’t think is particularly interesting but people always react with shock when I tell them. I’m also a genius at meme making (references available on request).

 George Mullens

Assistant Director

George Mullens

24, British Italian, and a sprinkling of Greek

Occupation: Finished a Masters at SOAS in International Studies and Diplomacy, interned at an NGO called Waging Peace, UNA-UK and the Italian Embassy in London

MUN Experience: MUN experience: Started in school 9 years ago. Acted as President of my undergrad MUN society. Ever heard of Sussex MUN? Attended 40+ conferences as a delegate, chair and/or secretariat member. Most notably former Secretary-General of LIMUN: High School amongst a wide variety of conferences. If I start listing all the other conferences I’ve been a part of you will hate me.

Hobbies: Pondering a life outside of MUN

Fun Fact: Won a thing called the Oxbridge Chairing Award a couple of years ago. Oh yeah and I’ve chaired with Alfie 4 times before

 Fariha Riyaz Baba

Assistant Director

Fariha Riyaz Baba

19, British Kashmiri

Occupation: 2nd year Mathematics student at the University of Warwick

MUN Experience: Started in high school as a debater drafted for a conference, not really knowing what I was getting myself in for. Looking back, I think it worked out quite well.

Hobbies: Music, baking and wannabe trader

Fun Fact: I was a delegate in DISEC at CUIMUN last year!