Cambridge University International Model United Nations

8th - 10th November 2019


The Cambridge University International Model United Nations (CUIMUN) was founded by a group of multi asset trading platform Cantabrigians eager to develop and share the knowledge and abilities associated with the fine art of diplomacy. The First Session was held in 1994, and the Conference was expanded significantly following Cambridge’s hugely successful hosting of the 1998 edition of Harvard WorldMUN. Now in its twenty-fifth year, CUIMUN is one of the most established, historic and prestigious Conferences on the European, and indeed global, MUN circuit. The Secretariat for the Twenty-Fifth Session looks forward to raising the bar even higher in November 2019.

13 Committees

550 Participants

Conference Theme: Progress in an Uncertain World

74 years have passed since the United Nations was founded in San Francisco. In that time the number of countries in the world have doubled, global population multi assets trading platform has tripled, and global markets and the internet have completely transformed ordinary life and the very nature of international relations.

Despite these profound changes the United Nations, and the international community, have had unprecedented successes. Conflicts are rarer and loss of life lower than at any time in history, as the UN has effectively brought dictators to justice and counselled non-proliferation. The WTO has created a free trade framework which has helped millions worldwide rise out of poverty. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has secured legal protection and dignity for many who would otherwise go unprotected. The Millennium Development Goals mark a new commitment to serious reform and progress in the interests of the most vulnerable in the global community.

Yet to many the progress achieved, and hopes for greater advancement in the future, now face a period of existential crisis. Nationalism is on the rise in every corner of the globe, as citizens hit back at what they see as the cost of globalisation to their communities. Powerful world players engage in jingoistic rhetoric, destabilising the global order with a single tweet. At a time when issues like climate change and migration need collaborative solutions too many nations are turning their backs on the world, in disturbing parallels with the 1930s.

CUIMUN challenges its delegates to look beyond these new barriers to continue the long march of progress the UN has thus far so nobly advanced. We urge you to make multi asset trading platform in Pakistan the positive case for cooperation whilst acknowledging and remedying the fears people have about our globalised world.

We look forward to hosting you all in Cambridge this November!

            The CUIMUN XXV Secretariat

The Committees

CUIMUN XXV encompasses 13 unique committees to suit a range of topics, interests and conference experience. All committees will be chaired by highly experienced and talented individuals from the all around the globe.

UN Security Council

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Historical Security Council

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UN Women

Beginner level

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